środa, 19 marca 2014


I'm very stressed right now, before my final exams, I have no inspiration and I don't feel any need to photograph things - my challenge has become another routine and to avoid this sad situation I decided to stop for a while. I would like to do photography because of this need to create, this passion, instead all I have for now is frustration, so there is no sense in continuing this challenge. I will return as soon as I will find this passion once again. I am hoping to come back with doubled energy.

niedziela, 16 marca 2014


That is my favourite cake made by my mom. Blackcurrant from my grandpa's garden covered with a crumble on a shortcrust pastry.

piątek, 14 marca 2014

niedziela, 9 marca 2014

Stuffed mushrooms

I'm pretty excited about my new book: Julia Child 's The French Chef Cookbook. Today I made super easy stuffed mushrooms.

wtorek, 4 marca 2014

poniedziałek, 3 marca 2014


I try to eat healthy, but it's sometimes impossible. Here is my favourite healthy salad: lentils with avocado!

niedziela, 2 marca 2014

Pearl barley

Once again something extra healthy: pearl barley! It was tasty, but next time I will boil it in vegetable broth to add more taste to it.