sobota, 10 maja 2014

Les asperges

I spent my last two months on learning maths and physics and it's not surprising that I had no energy nor inspiration for photography. I already had my physics exam (actually three of them) and I will have mathematics next week and soon it will be over!

środa, 19 marca 2014


I'm very stressed right now, before my final exams, I have no inspiration and I don't feel any need to photograph things - my challenge has become another routine and to avoid this sad situation I decided to stop for a while. I would like to do photography because of this need to create, this passion, instead all I have for now is frustration, so there is no sense in continuing this challenge. I will return as soon as I will find this passion once again. I am hoping to come back with doubled energy.

niedziela, 16 marca 2014


That is my favourite cake made by my mom. Blackcurrant from my grandpa's garden covered with a crumble on a shortcrust pastry.

piątek, 14 marca 2014

niedziela, 9 marca 2014

Stuffed mushrooms

I'm pretty excited about my new book: Julia Child 's The French Chef Cookbook. Today I made super easy stuffed mushrooms.

wtorek, 4 marca 2014

poniedziałek, 3 marca 2014


I try to eat healthy, but it's sometimes impossible. Here is my favourite healthy salad: lentils with avocado!

niedziela, 2 marca 2014

Pearl barley

Once again something extra healthy: pearl barley! It was tasty, but next time I will boil it in vegetable broth to add more taste to it.

czwartek, 27 lutego 2014

Polish tradition

Fat thursday - last day before the fast, you just eat as much doughnuts as you can, I love it! I ate only three :(

środa, 26 lutego 2014


Today I made a surprisingly delicious soup made of carrots, a bit of ginger and lemon juice. Normally I don't like carrots, but this soup was pretty good ;)

wtorek, 25 lutego 2014

Apples again

Today I spent a wonderful day with my friend, we were making risotto, steaks and an apple pie for a dessert! 

niedziela, 23 lutego 2014

Baked apples with raisins

While making these photos it was almost dark, it was just after sunset, but my tripod and folding reflector rescued me. I adore these baked apples, as you can see my chocolate rehab is going pretty well!

sobota, 22 lutego 2014

Salad with dried apricots

I love the combination of dried apricots and balsamic vinegar, it is perfect. My healthy eating is going pretty good - less sweets more salad! 

czwartek, 20 lutego 2014


I have some more free time now, so I'm eating healthier, no sweets (what a disaster!), no eating just before sleep :( This is a salad with chickpeas, sprouts, cheddar cheese and tomatoes, the dressing was made of mainly soya sauce, it tastes perfectly with the chickpeas! 

wtorek, 18 lutego 2014


Today's photo is not a typical food photo, however it tells a lot about sun and water - two things essential for food in general and for humans! I woke up today kind of unhappy, but then I saw the sun. It was enough for me to smile and dance the whole morning! At the moment I'm struggling with mathematics, but it is always nicer with the sun.

niedziela, 16 lutego 2014

Sunday breakfast

This is my sister's favourite dish: scrambled eggs. These are the photos that I like the most, just this kind of cozy, authentic, natural photos.

piątek, 14 lutego 2014


Today I went to a restaurant for making photos, there was a menu for valentine's day, for example this delicious semifreddo! I have to make it someday... I am so excited about today's photos! But it's amazing how exhausting this work is. 

czwartek, 13 lutego 2014


I totally love risotto, this one is just with mushrooms, but it was quite good. I don't know why people are saying that this is a really difficult dish to make... Well, for sure my risotto wasn't as good as the one in a good restaurant, but it was really tasty!

poniedziałek, 10 lutego 2014


I have no, absolutely no inspiration, I feel like dying inside, all I want now is going to some beautiful place and just get inspired. Food can either save us or destroy us, recently I eat far too much sweets, I do it always when I see just no sense and I ask myself too many questions. I always say to myself: chocolate is not an answer! Then I eat it anyway, it is kind of funny, but can be annoying sometimes. Sorry for these "quotes of the day", but I just had this need to write it down ;)

sobota, 8 lutego 2014


 I don't know how to call them in english... I found on wikipedia that they are called kifli. They are not croissants, in polish we say rogal/rogalik. I decided to make some photos of them, they are not as 'photogenic' as for example fruits, but I wanted to try something new, how do you like it?

piątek, 7 lutego 2014


I'm glad this stressful week is over! I adore Tuscany and I want to go there once again so much! That is why I made these special italian cantuccini. 

wtorek, 4 lutego 2014


I should have taken something white to illuminate the front, but I was too hungry and lazy... It is easy to underdstand, isn't it? 

poniedziałek, 3 lutego 2014

winter tea

I had doubts before uploading this photo, because of the risky quality, but then I thought: come on! all your photos are the same, give something new, something different. So I did, I think that the grain gives this photo this kind of special atmosphere, but still, I'm not fully satisfied.

sobota, 1 lutego 2014

piątek, 31 stycznia 2014


Garlic makes life better, the same as chocolate does! And butter, and crispy bread and ahhh I could talk for hours about food and things I love and the things I hate. I hate instant soups, they just stink... I also hate crab sticks with mayonnaise, oh but I love crabs, unfortunately crab sticks are not made of crabs.